We are the legend of Shi-do (士 度), Samurai every time.

The legendary Samurai are dating back to the 8th century, but they are still as relevant today. Starting out as armed imperial guards to wealthy landowners in the 700s, they would later be considered one of Japan's highest social castes. They were known as the Warrior Nobility which formed the society, Samurai were part of Japan's ruling class for over five centuries.

Shido is the Samurai way. An unwritten code, with unspoken rules that focuses on discipline, morality and honour. This code was an organic growth of decades and centuries passed down over generations. In order to become a Samurai this code has to be mastered. The code of conduct is still today the way for many people, especially for Shido.

Shido is here to serve the people and our society. The Samurai were role models for society since medieval times and it was also in the Samurai's duties to serve society. They balanced their martial arts skills with peaceful masteries in literature, poetry and teaching.

The Samurai originally fought for honour and their clan, but Samurai soon started to play a central role in the policing and administration of their country. When Samurai raise in power and the country unified, their role was at the very top of the ruling class.

The Samurai code of conduct has catalyzed corporate business behaviour throughout Japan. Business relations, the close relationship between individuals and the notions of trust. Respect and harmony within the Japanese business and financial world are all based on the conduct of the Samurai.

Samurai also encourage honourable poverty, "Seihin," which encourages those with power and resources to share their wealth with others, directly influencing national success as a whole. It's often said that Japanese companies are like a family, with executives caring about employees and employees showing respect to executives. The Samurai way of conduct, then, is part of the basis for a sense of identity and belonging that we are one people, in it together.

The Samurai way is the way of Shido. It is at the very core of how we think, feel, and live our lives. It is upon this code of conduct we build Shido Ecosystem to perfection. Shido is one with the community, the community is one with Shido. The legend of Shido will always prevail.

"The essence of Samurai is: do not lie, do not be insincere, do not be obsequious, do not be superficial, do not be greedy, do not be rude, do not be boastful, do not be arrogant, do not slander, do not be unfaithful, be on good terms with comrades, do not be overly concerned with events, show concern for one another, be compassionate, with a strong sense of duty. Being a good samurai takes more than merely a willingness to lay down one's life."

— 5th scroll of the Kashoki by Saitō Chikamori (1642)

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