Becoming a Validator

Requirements to Run a Node

Running a Validator Node and stake with Shido offers rewards running from 8% to 12%. The lowest rate is for a 30 days lockup period and the highest 12% rate for staking at least 6 months.

Shido Blockchain is built with Cosmos SDK and Tendermint Consensus Engine at the core. Cosmos SDK is an open-source framework for building public Proof-of-Stake blockchains. It's a lightweight protocol that does not use or consume a large amount of energy. This also makes the hardware requirement for running a Validator Node on Shido relatively low.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

• 8 CPU Core

• 16 GB RAM

• 1 TB SSD

• OS Ubuntu or MacOS

Tendermint is a Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus engine designed to support Proof-of-Stake systems. Shido is able to scale to a large amount of Validators at once. Offering a very high degree of decentralization.

As of now, the minimum amount of SHIDO required to stake to become a Validator is 400,000 SHIDO. This is subject to change prior to launch of Shido Mainnet. Validators can also charge a fee to other users to delegate their tokens with the Shido Delegator dApp to help out with running costs. You earn more rewards running a Validator Node compared to Delegating your stake.

To receive your rewards running a Validator Node you need to maintain a sufficient amount of uptime. We currently demand at least 75% uptime to receive rewards. You do not have to worry about hardware failures or bugs in your client that makes you loose your stake. But if you fail to maintain the minimum required uptime, you will not receive your rewards.

As a security measurement you do not need to put your private keys onto your node to begin validating. Which keeps you safe as a Shido Validator in the unlikely event that someone gains access to your node.

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