Shido Docs


Shido is a unique and powerful Ecosystem with next-generation DeFi Utilities. We are also a large community of investors, contributors and developers. Our Token Smart Contracts are fully audited and we have a ever growing team of experienced people. All our LP tokens are burnt forever which means our liquidity pools are locked.
It was our strategic plan that Shido would first appear on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) through a small and quite Fair Launch. No Presale or Private Sale was held, all tokens went into the liquidity pool. Then we grew organically with diamond hands and establish ourselves on a strong foundation. In April 2022 we also launched on the Ethereum Network (ETH), along with our ETH-Bridge. This expansion opened up the possibility for new investors to enter the Ecosystem. It also cleared the way for our Cross-Chain Ecosystem and ShidoDex.
Shido Global will launch a series of utilities and platforms during 2023. These utilities will generate revenue independently. Instead of the revenue going into wallets, all profits will be used for further development and buybacks of the native token $SHIDO. Generating a positive price action and strengthened liquidity. BEP20 and ERC20 $SHIDO are both governance and utility tokens in all our DeFi Utilities.
Together with our partners, we are building ShidoDex, Shido Chain, Shido Wallet, Shido Card, Shido Perpetual, Shido Games and Shido Market NFT.
Come and join us on this amazing journey in DeFi.