Shido Launchpad Features

Shido Launchpad is a next generation decentralized IDO Platform on SHIDO, ETH and BSC. Offering exclusive Token Launches, Staking Platform, Token Locks and much more.

4 Exclusive Tiers for Premium Launches. Unlock all tiers by staking SHIDO.

Shido Launchpad is set to launch in December 2023.


Go-to-Market with your project on Shido Launchpad. Easily create your own token and set up a pre-sale.

Token Locks​

Shido Launchpad offers audited Liquidity Locks, Team Tokens Locks, Token Vesting and much more.


Staking as-a-service with Shido Launchpad. Create your own staking pools and let your community earn rewards.


Shido Launchpad multi-sender airdrop dApp offers users to easily make large scale transactions with a click.

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