Perpetual DEX

Shido Perpetual DEX offers a completely decentralized solution for Perpetual DEX trading. Our platform is able to offer this innovative trading through smart contracts that locks the required funds and allow Shido Perpetual DEX users to exchange value.

Unlike many platforms, users do not have to over-collateralize their borrowed assets. Traders can use decentralized margin trading to open leverage positions with up to 100x on any of the source DEXs and it can also split positions on multiple DEXs to optimize the trade.

Users have to deposit a collateral before using funds borrowed from Shido Perpetual DEX. To open a margin trading position, the trader's only requirement is to make an initial deposit and lock it in a smart contract. This is automatically made for the user when trading on Shido Perpetual DEX.

Easily borrow funds, open positions and amplify their trading capital using Shido Perpetual. This is a truly unique and innovative decentralized margin trading product offered by Shido.

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