Shido Network is highly scalable due to it's design. Shido Network has the possibility to divide the network into unlimited zones. Each zone in the Network has its own set of validators, but can also be utilizing the validators of the main zone. All zones are powered by Tendermint consensus engine and communicates in between by sending Packets of Data.

​Shido Network's individual zones can validate blocks simultaneously increasing the capability and throughput endlessly as the number of zones increases.

Shido Network can scale up and increase its capacity proportionally at any given time. This is fundamental to avoid any potential congestion or attacks of the network and allows for large-scale applications to be deployed onto Shido Network without affecting the performance.

​The Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism will give Shido the necessary authority to ensure the security and reliability of the network. Shido validators will propose and validate each new block created in the different zones. This particular scalability module ensures decentralization by eliminating the need for a large centralized database, which increases the security of the network.

Shido ensure that Shido Network will stay secure, decentralized and highly scalable both vertically and horizontally for the foreseeable future. For further technical documentation please visit

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