Aggregation Protocol

Our innovative Aggregation Protocol aggregates never ending liquidity from over 200 liquidity sources across 6 blockchains in an instant. The Protocol analyzing quotes and fees from all sources giving our users the best possible rates on the market with minimal slippage. Shido Aggregation Protocol provides aggregation information on over 200 decentralized exchanges on 6 networks. It reduce the chances of slippage on large orders and optimize both trade fees and asset prices. Our Aggregation Protocol have highest focus on security. We run a verification on all transactions, which means no funds can ever be lost even if the source itself is unsecure or lacks liquidity.

The smart router can automatically split the route to several sources for one trade to obtain the best rates, wherever the liquidity is most sufficient. It also calculate and optimize the gas which can give you up to 40% better rate on the gas fee.

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