Compatibility & Scalability

Shido Network's scalability spans both horizontally and vertically. It natively interoperates with other ecosystems and is part of the Cosmos of inter-connected blockchains.

Shido Network is a capability-based system on top of Tendermint built with open-source and customized modules. Shido Network is also EVM integrated making it compatible with Ethereum Ecosystem, other EVM environments and EVM tools such as Remix and MetaMask. Ethereum Virtual Machine enables developers to seamlessly value transfer and run smart contracts from EVM environments onto Shido Network.

On top of this, Shido Network is fully integrated with WASM compiler. Enabling developers to freely choose programming languages such as RUST, C++ or Python for deployment of smart contracts and dApps.

In addition, the IBC Protocol empowers Shido Network to link decentralized applications on various inter-connected blockchains and benefit from both joint liquidity and value transfers within the large Cosmos Ecosystem.

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