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Support Shido Development
Shido is a Fair Launch. There was never any Private Sale, Pre-Sale or Seed Rounds. Shido launched with all tokens in circulation into the DEX liquidity pool. This means there are no vested tokens or unlock schedule of tokens. All tokens available are already in circulation. This also indicates that the funding of Shido Ecosystem is an on-going process. We fund all our expenses from current revenue streams built into our utilities.
As Shido progresses and the Ecosystem grows, so does the amount of development and number of developers. Support from the Community, Angels and Notable Investors are important. One of the best ways to support Shido is to donate to on-going development.
All donations are welcomed with open arms and makes a difference. Small and large. Funds donated goes straight into the development of Shido Network.
Thank you for your contribution and support of Shido.
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